Support, education, leadership, context and good things for Ottawa area men and the women who care about them.

Come to a monthly meetup to learn to cope with the highs and lows of being a man today. The focus is on personal growing and understanding.

Women are invited to participate as full members. That’s because each person is formed from the union of a man and woman and a man can’t grow deeply without a compassionate and respectful place for women inside him. Simillarly a woman can’t come into herself without a respect for men. The work aims to make this experimentally clear.

Andrew MacDonald will facilitate the meetings. For men and women in Ottawa to gain in appreciation and respect for self through witnessing the deep interconnection between women and men.

The primary method will be using family constellations in the mode of Bert Helllinger.

A waiver will be required for participants. A ten dollar donation is suggested.


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